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Porquê um Provedor da Criança?

Why an Ombudsperson for children?
Children are a particularly vulnerable group: they are vulnerable to human rights violations and are dependent on adults.
Children have no political power: they have no vote and no access to lobbies that influence government agendas.
Children have limited access to complaints mechanisms, legal systems and courts
Activities of an Ombudsperson for children. 
These would include:
-  Influencing policy makers and practitioners to take greater account of the rights of       children;
-  Providing a voice for children and a channel of communication between children and       government;
-  Ensuring that children have effective means of redress when their rights are violated; -  Monitoring the governments compliance with the CRC (article 4), including
      monitoring the governments reporting obligations, and p roducing a supplementary             report to the official State party report; -  Raising awareness of child rights among children and adults by p roducing and
      disseminating information about children¡¦s rights and the UNCRC, training
      professionals working with children, working with the media to increase awareness,        etc.  
In their work, Ombudspersons should ensure that:
-  Their work is directly informed by the views of children;
-  The views of the children are reflected in proposals, reports, responses,
      research and strategies;
-  Structures are established through which children¡¦s views can be directly
      and effectively represented.

 (Extracto do site da C.R.I.N.)

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